Financing your business doesn’t have to be complicated!
Equipment leasing is one of the best ways to finance your business, due to the flexibility with the type of equipment we can finance and extremely flexible credit guidelines. In most cases, normally all that is required is the first and last payment (preserve your working capital).


Lease Genie can provide equipment leasing for virtually all types of businesses, big or small, good credit or challenged credit. We specialize in startup equipment financing, challenged credit equipment leasing, and sale leaseback financing.

  • Start-up Businesses: A business less than two years old is generally considered a Startup.
  • Established Business: A businesses with over 2 years in business.
  • Challenged Credit: A business and/or owner(s) with past credit issues.
  • Sell – Leaseback: Finance the equipment the company already owns and use the proceeds to either purchase more equipment or for working capital.

We’re here to help finance your next equipment purchase.

  • Finance nearly any new or used business asset
  • No or Low up-front cost
  • Deferred payment options
  • Cover all acquisition cost with 100% financing
  • Potential tax savings iii

CONSERVATION OF CAPITAL – When capital is conserved by leasing equipment, it can be put to more profitable company uses (increasing inventories, expanding sales, etc.). The average return on capital for business is 18% AFTER taxes

CONSERVATION OF CREDIT – A lease is not a loan. Borrowing (loan) reduces lines of credit. Leasing is a NEW credit source, which allows increased borrowing capacity.

i  Automated approvals on consumer and commercial credits in 2-3 minutes; must use link on Lease Genie website.
ii Ability to include soft costs such as installation, shipping, maintenance, etc. Some restrictions may apply.
iii Consult your tax advisor regarding tax incentives available by your state or federal government.
iv Consult your accountant for your average return on capital.