Lease Genie can provide lease financing to any governmental or municipal entity with guaranteed approval.

  • We can finance any entity controlled federally, by any state or by any local municipality including Armed services, Public Schools, Libraries, Police and Fire Departments and more.
  • The rate is determined by the rating of the municipality or government agency.

Municipal leasing is an effective and efficient vehicle for state, county, and local governments and school systems (collectively, the “municipality”) to finance their equipment and infrastructure needs. The structure of a municipal lease enables the municipality to finance its capital needs without incurring indebtedness that in the majority of municipalities is subject to voter approval.

Lease Genie has helped municipalities all over the country to quickly and easily finance their equipment purchases. From computers and technology to school buses and snowplows, we provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. Cost-effectiveness and quicker access to required equipment is a winning combination.

Bank Rates without the Bank Hassle!

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