Office Equipment & Furniture Leasing

Get the business tools and office furniture your company needs with help from Lease Genie.
From startups to growing operations to large enterprises, every company needs furniture and business machines to support their teams and host their clients and vendors. What’s more, every new hire and floorplan expansion means more office furniture and equipment must be purchased to support the growth. With everyone from CFOs to founders to investors scrutinizing the bottom line, it’s critical to minimize upfront cost and keep a healthy cash reserve for future initiatives.

Fortunately, Lease Genie can help. Our financial tools let you acquire the Office equipment needed to run your business. Including:

  • Desks
  • Cubicles
  • Copy Machines
  • File Cabinets
  • Conference Tables
  • Other Furniture and Equipment

Lease Genie gives you the flexibility to pay for it all in manageable monthly installments. Since your new equipment starts supporting increased revenue right away, you can use the profit your expanded operation generates to budget your monthly payments while you keep critical cash on hand to cover payroll and plan for future growth.

Our financial programs are designed to help your company get needed technology, machines, and furniture as quickly and easily as possible. From whiteboards to workstations, Lease Genie’s office furniture and business equipment specialists are here to help you scale up your enterprise profitably.
In addition to the ease of acquiring new equipment, financing also offers several other benefits.
In the current economic climate, purchasing through a financing program means taking advantage of tax incentives. When you buy through lease-to-purchase options, the amount that is saved on taxes has the potential to be even more than what is paid in the first year of the lease. In other words, businesses can make money from the first day of the lease.

Equipment financing is also beneficial for asset management. Such programs provide the use of equipment for specified periods at fixed rates. If the you choose to return the equipment at the end of the period, the financing company disposes of the equipment upon the equipment’s return.

As the business environment continues to change, you can use equipment financing to better manage cash flow, ultimately resulting in lower costs, and allowing you to preserve capital using the most up-to-date technology available.

No matter what your needs may be, getting started is as easy as filling out our contact form online or calling one of our lease professionals at (877) 715-5105. Working with Lease Genie, you will get the office equipment and furniture you need to run your business. Discover the Lease Genie difference and let us recommend the best equipment leasing options available for your unique situation.